Rules: Logic and Applications Workshop, 16-17 December 2019.

Venue: Multimedia Center, Central Library Building, Zografou Campus.

"Rules: Logic and Applications" Workshop aims to bring together researchers, students, and industry, interested in the foundations and the applications of rules, logic, and formal methods. It provides a forum for cooperation and cross-fertilization between the different communities.

Program: pdf.

Local Organizing Committee: Petros Stefaneas, Sofia Almpani, Theodoros Mitsikas.


Speaker(s) Presentation
Theodoros Mitsikas (NTUA, RuleML) A Hands-on PSOA RuleML Tutorial: Relationship & Framepoint Facts and Rules (pdf)
Sofia Almpani (NTUA) ExosCE: A Legal Framework System for Exoskeleton Compliance (pdf)
Harold Boley (University of New Brunswick, RuleML) Data Systematics: The PSOA RuleML Metamodel Illustrated by Grailog Visualization of Wedding Atoms (pdf)
Mark Thom (University of New Brunswick, Scryer Prolog) Scryer Prolog: A Modern ISO Prolog (Mostly) Written in Rust (pdf)
Nick Bassiliades (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) Explainable AI (pdf)
Tomáš Kliegr (University of Economics, Prague) From Association Rules to Interpretable Classification Models - A Tutorial (pdf)