The λ-Form Group is headed by Dr. Petros Stefaneas.

Our current research interests are focused on:

  1. Formal Methods
    • Formal Specification
    • Algebraic Specifications
    • Formal Verification
    • Runtime Verification
  2. Logic and Computation
    • Absctract Model Theory for Specification and Programming: Institutions
    • Proofs and Proving in Computer Science
  3. Philosophy of computer science
    • Semantic Theories for Software Systems
    • Ethics and Policies of Open Data
  4. Computational Creativity
    • Conceptual Blending for Computational Creativity
Dr. P. Stefaneas
Research Group Coordinator

News -- Recent Activities

  • August 20/2014: The annual International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML '14) is an international conference on research, applications, languages and standards for rule technologies. RuleML is the leading conference to build bridges between academia and industry in the field of rules and its applications, especially as part of the semantic technology stack. The list of presented papers is available online .
  • June 20 - 24/2015: 5th World Congress and School on Universal Logic. This is the fifth edition of a world event dedicated to universal logic. This event is a combination of a school and a congress. The school offers many turorials on a wide range of subjects. The congress will follow with invited talks by some of the best alive logicians and a selection of contributed talks. For more information click here
  • July 1-3/2015:A 3-day workshop dedicated to the dissemination of the deliverables of the research project Thales will be organized in Athens, . Prof. Lambropoulou will be the Local Organization Chair. The List of Participants can be found here