The Logic and Formal Methods Group (λ-Form) is headed by Dr. Petros Stefaneas.

Our current research interests are focused on:

  1. Formal Methods
    • Formal Specification
    • Algebraic Specifications
    • Formal Verification
    • Runtime Verification
  2. Logic and Computation
    • Absctract Model Theory for Specification and Programming: Institutions
    • Proofs and Proving in Computer Science
  3. Philosophy of Computer Science
    • Semantic Theories for Software Systems
    • Ethics and Policies of Open Data
  4. Computational Creativity
    • Conceptual Blending for Computational Creativity
Dr. P. Stefaneas
Research Group Coordinator

News -- Recent Activities

  • February 20, 2019: Talk: DR. ALAIN COUILAULT - "On Crowdsourcing, Websites, and Ethics".
    Exploring new ways to enhance users' understanding and empowerment in relation to website policies, by combining language learning and crowdsourcing techniques (enetCollect, Ethics & Big Data charter).
  • December 19-20, 2018: Rules:Logic and Applications workshop.
    A two-day workshop on the logic and applications of rules, including the PSOA RuleML language. Keynote speaker Harold Boley, Chair of RuleML Inc., presented PSOA RuleML using blockchain examples (wiki page).