Konstantinos Barlas

Personal Information

PhD student at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA
Graduated from School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, NTUA

Kostantinos Barlas

Contact details

Research Interests

  • Algebraic Specifications
  • Open Standards
  • Formalizing languages


  • 2014: Konstantinos Barlas, Eleni Berki, Iulia Adomnita, Thrushna Nalam, Golnaz S. Nejad, Jari Veijalainen, Petros Stefaneas, and George Koletsos, "Formal Specification of Open Standards and the Case of RSS v2.0", to appear in PCI HUA 2014
  • 2013: Juri Valtanen, Konstantinos Barlas, Eleni Berki, Mirjan Merruko: Problem-Focused Education in the Understanding of Open Source and Software Quality. INSPIRE (INternational conference in Software Process Improvement in Research Education and training) Conference 2013, London, U.K., September 5-6.
    Award for best student remote presentation
  • 2012: Katerina Ksystra, Nikolaos Triantafylloy,Konstantinos Barlasand Petros Stefaneas, “An Algebraic Specification of Social Networks”, in Proceedings of the International Software Quality Management (SQM) and INSPIRE conferences. E. Berki, J. Valtanen, P. Nykänen, M. Ross, G. Staples and K. Systä, Eds, pp. 135-146, Tampere, Finland, August 21-23, 2012.
    Award for best PhD student paper. Highly recommended student paper
  • 2012: Konstantinos Barlas, G. Koletsos, P. Stefaneas, “Extending standards with formal methods: Open Document Architecture”, International Symposium on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications (INISTA 2012), Trabzon, Turkey, July 2-4, 2012,IEEE Xplore
  • 2009: K. Barlas, G. Koletsos, P. Stefaneas and I. Ouranos, “Towards a correct translation from ASN.1 into CafeOBJ”, International Symposium on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications (INISTA 2009), Trabzon, Turkey, June 29-July1, 2009, pp. 141-145
  • 2009: Konstantinos Barlas, George Koletsos, Petros Stefaneas, Iakovos Ouranos, “From ASN.1 into CafeOBJ: Some first steps”, 2009 Fourth South-European Workshop on formal methods (SEEFM 09), Thessaloniki, Greece, December 5 2009, pp. 66-72
  • 2007: Iakovos Ouranos, Petros Stefaneas,Kostas Barlas, Stefanos Demertzis, George Koletsos, Panayiotis Frangos, "Modelling Real Time Authentication Protocols using Algebraic Specification Techniques-the case of TESLA protocol”, Proc. IFIP TC7 Conference, Krakow, July 2007, pp. 338-389.